About Us

Situated in the cool coastal climate of Monterey County, California lies Rancho Dos Fuentes. Named after natural springs that seep from the surrounding hillside, the ranch rarely experiences extreme hot or cold temperatures

GOS Pigs

After 5 years of breeding GOS pigs and realizing the lack of genetic diversity present in current US familial lines required 'new blood' to keep the breed healthy for the long term, we decided to pursue an importation from Great Britain of as many available female lines as possible.

Quality Meat

Meat produced from animals that are not stressed is the best you can have. Our animals live the way they should, on pasture and in a stress free environment. GOS is known for its great taste and healthy marbling. If you are looking for lard, then GOS produces some of the best in the world.

Life at the big white barn!

Animals raised naturally.