My first post! Caring for an injured, weak, piglet

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This little girl was limping badly two days ago and I thought she had been stepped on because her leg looked somewhat splayed and she did not want to walk on it.  She was nursing strongly at the time so I did not remove her from the litter.  Yesterday, I found her laying in the full hot sun, unable to keep up with her mama and siblings.  I brought her in and spoon fed her goat milk replacer.  She was very weak but took to the spoon readily.  This video was taken tonight.  It shows her drinking from a bowl and having lots more energy.  I am going to pick up some fresh penicillin tomorrow because I think that she has Erysipelas.  No lesions but her front joints are swollen.  This could have been secondary after becoming weakened by little food and 2 hot days, or it could have been the original problem, although internet research indicates it is rare for nursing piglets to get it.

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